“Enough is enough as actress reveal she is HIV positive”


An American publication has almost caused anarchy on social media after posting an article saying that Lupita Nyong’o is HIV positive

Houston News says Lupita has confessed that she is HIV positive with the caption “Enough is enough as actress reveal she is HIV positive” it says “In a bombshell world exclusive, Mexican-Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong’o has been hidden an explosive secret from the world: she is HIV positive.”

The publication claims that on Saturday morning while thousands of Americans have gathered to witness the premiering of ‘A series of unfortunate events’ the actress declared on radio: “I’m HIV-Positive”.

It claimed the actress contacted HIV from her ex-boyfriend who never declared his status, the boyfriend asked her to keep it secret about 11 years ago and the actress has kept this secret from his family and the public.


It claimed the Mexican-born actress said: “I woke up and thought today is as good as any day because it has been a long journey and I realised that a lot of young people are so scared when they are tested for the first time.

“Bill de Morris, program and grant manager at the Aids Foundation United States in New York City said “having a someone like Nyong’o disclosing her status helps people realise that HIV is not a death sentence.

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On telling her family

Nyong’o said: “when I was in hospital last year and my CD4 count was 99, my Dr said I needed to tell them. She said they were shocked but supportive.

My siblings just said, ‘it’s ok, we love you.’ and that’s what everybody hopes for when they come out.

Nyong’o was diagnosed with the virus at the age of 23 and has since kept it confidential since.

she said she wanted to encourage open dialogue, saying talking about HIV/AIDS should be as ordinary as discussing the weather.

“the secrecy and silence is what’s making people to be the way they are, to be living their lives as if they are planning for a funeral. I’m not. I’m planning for life.”

Interestingly, in all her social media accounts, Lupita has not recently posted anything about her HIV status like the publication was alleging.

It turns out that the publication is among the myriads that spread fake news on social platforms.

picture from an episode of Shuga

The rumour seems to have stemmed from a 2014 episode of Shuga in which Lupita’s role was to raise awareness on HIV in a show that was watched in over 40 African countries, An American publication now courts controversy after writing an article claiming that Lupita Nyongo is HIV positive.

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This is definitely one of the various fake news from the publisher and could spark a serious court case if the rumour is not true, but these days you never know which is which.

It could also be the work of a PR personnel to raise awareness or publicity even for the actress.  We won’t know until she comes out to deny the news but what we know is that in 2014 she had an HIV positive role in an episode to raise awareness for people who are affected by the decease.

She has never been HIV positive as we know except a role in a movie which she is quite good with whatever role she is giving. Houston News will need to apologise to her and to all of us who love Lupita and her fantastic progress in the movie industry.

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