President Trump told a remarkable story of two men, a criminal and an FBI agent saved by grace (Video)

Love him or hate him, president Trump just does what he believes and remarkably honours and applause what he believe is right.

Below is one of such from President Trump. He narrated a heart warming story of a career criminal and a FBI agent saved by the grace of GOD. The criminal with an extensive criminal record was put away by an FBI agent doing his job too. The moral of the whole story was the criminal was saved by grace of Almighty God while in prison and became a follower of JESUS, he started preaching to other inmates and started praying fervently.  At the same time God has also touched the FBI agent who puts him away…. remarkable…… the Special Agent Visited him and the rest is history… Just watch the video below

They are doing fantastic work for the Lord helping and saving criminal around the country. Helping inmates and career criminal through the awesome power of PRAYER.

Prayers does wonders. ….

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